Media Appearances

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MX Newspaper Garrocha Appearance

Hoof and Horns, Horse Deals Breed Feature, Horse Deals AHAA Breed Feature Advertisement, Horse Deals Photographers advertising, Horse Deals Winners and Grinners, Lodden Times, Weekly Times, Herald Sun, Border Gazette, ANSA Magazine, Bendigo Advertiser, The Bushies by Alan Nixon, The Horse Magazine, The Australian Horseman, Hoofbeats, 2003 Calendar, AHAA 1995 Information Booklet, AHAA 2003 Information Booklet, Horse Market, The Adelaide Hills Monthly, Tamworth Paper, Sunbury Leader, Horse Deals Equitana Advert, Horse Deals AHAA Equitana Advert, Equitana Brochure, Equitana Program. The Rural Advertiser, O’deas Saddlery adverts, Equine Excellence, 2009 Stallions @ Stud.2010 MX newspaper, The Age, Web site for AHAA and others, The Free Press, The North Central Review, The Age on line, Brochures.2011 The Horse Magazine.


Horse Expo Flemington, advertising, S.A. Channel 7, 9 & 10 news – International Horse Trials 2000 Street Parade, 2003 Channel 9 Equitana Advertising. 2010 Channel 7,9,10 + 3AW radio MCC.