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2010 – 2011 Caballeriza News

AHAA State Chamionship Show 2010

It had been a good year for Caballeriza Stud in 2010 with Spanish colt Caballeriza Mateo II winning Led Junior Spanish Entire and was named Champion Junior Spanish Entire. Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian and won the Andaluka Alisamieto Junior Spanish Memorial Trophy at the AHAA State Championships in March 2010 at the Tatura Complex.
In 2011 Ben Terry became is new owner, has backed him and hopefully Mateo will become a very successful dressage prospect.
Lyngara Fillypa came second in the Australian Challenge Trials with a score of 46/50. She also won the Traditional Spanish Attire, Exhibition Class and won the Hi Points Exhibitor trophy. Flip impressed three dressage judges performing “la Garrocha” in the Exhibition Class (her first ‘garrocha’ display) by scoring an impressive 281/300. Both horses were featured in The North Central Review & Flip in the 2011 Horse Magazine for the AHAA.

Melbourne Cup Carnival Media Launch for 2010

Lyngara Fillypa and I were invited to participate in the media launch for the renowned Emirates Marquee in the Birdcage for the Melbourne Cup Carnival (MCC). Because Spain was the 2010 theme of the Marquee, the organisers wanted to have and Andalusian horse at the entrance to the venue in Federation Square. So Lyngara Fillypa had her first trip to the Melbourne CBD. She behaved like the true Spanish Horse she is, displaying ‘garrocha’ at the entrance while helicopters were flying overhead and while being filmed by Channel 7, Network 10 & Age online. We were interviewed by 3AW & photos were taken with Miguel Gomez de Aranda (Spanish Consul General), Barry Brown (Emirates Vice President in Australasia), and Clare Winton Burn (Master Chef finalist). We were on the front page of the MX Melbourne Newspaper and also featured in the Herald Sun & The Age. A picture taken with us and model Sephanie Shreeve will be displayed in the Emirates Marque. We had a great day & the Spanish Horse had some terrific exposure.

Equitana Melbourne 2010

On November 20th & 21st she attended Equitana 2010 displaying “la Garrocha” in the breeds display on the big outdoor arena on the Saturday and Sunday. On the Sunday she did a demonstration with music in one of the pavilions which created a lot of interest. The crowd became very thick and appreciative of her workout. She was up on the Horsedeals/Equitana website during the event in there photo gallery. Delwyn Moss took great photos that can be viewed on ~Helen Morphett Facebook~.

Australia Day Celebrations @ Pylong 2011

The Free Press: PYALONG’S AUSSIE PRIDE, dancing Spanish Horse were the highlight of Pyalong Neighbourhood House Australian Day Ceremony. Lyngara Fillya and I gave a wonderful demonstration of intricate movements while using the ‘garrocha’ to the music of a Spanish guitar, the article wrote. Etc. The Review and the Pyalong Telegraph also covered the event with articles.